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Michael's Eloquent Display of Reason

A Foray into Truth, Excellence, and the American Way!

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My name is Michael. I'm a political and legal theorist. I am intrigued by how institutions and people "cultivate" certain thoughts, perceptions, and values in society. On a given week, I will read The Economist, The Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Human Events, National Review, The Volokh Conspiracy (blog), and craigslist. I am also a huge fan of George Will, Ann Coulter, and Tony Blankley. I have worked as a personal life consultant, psychic, financial advisor, bloggist, and nonprofit web site editor. Internationally, I have traveled to Mexico, Denmark, Israel, England, Norway, Sweden, and The Netherlands. I've been to Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Virginia (border), and Washington, D.C.

My favorite band is Metallica. I like music that is angry and authentic.

When I graduate law school I intend to be a writer, consultant, attorney, real estate investor, politician, speech writer, and occasional TV-personality.

You can leave a voice mail at: 323-306-2824.