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F.A Hayek and Social Security - Michael's Eloquent Display of Reason
February 5th, 2013
10:37 am


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F.A Hayek and Social Security

Yesterday I read F.A. Hayek’s chapter on Social Security in the book, “The Constitution of Liberty.”  In F.A. Hayek’s opinion, the only legitimate form of welfare benefit would be based exclusively on an objective form of minimal need just to live.  Of course, in practice, our welfare state has grown to a point in which, as FA Hayek pointed out, a majority votes itself benefits from the minority who have to pay for it.  As a result, welfare is not based upon supplying some objective minimal need, but rather, is based upon extracting as many benefits as possible.

I reject the welfare state entirely.  One should not be compelled to be made a slave to another person. 

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